Pre-conception WORKSHOP


Trying to conceive?

Join us for an interactive workshop in a supportive group setting that addresses anxiety and worries around conception. Participants will learn simple but effective techniques to support reproductive health and aid in conception:

– Learn how your mind and body can let go of the stress and tension stored within.
– Acquire some real life skills to deal with your worries and anxiety.
– Express challenging emotions around conceiving in a supportive environment.
– Address negative beliefs around falling pregnant.
– Acknowledge and let go of past and present challenges around conception.

The above topics will be discussed along with practical support strategies to overcome these challenges. We will share experiences, create a vision board, learn muscle relaxation and other stress relief techniques to manage anxiety and worries around conception.

The journey to conception can be stressful. There is so much waiting, hoping and disappointment when things do not go according to plan. What adds to the problem is that we cannot get pregnant when we are really stressed, but not getting pregnant is the reason we are really stressed!

Why the Mind Body Approach to deal with stress around conception?
Your ability to conceive is deeply influenced by the complex interaction between physiological, psychological, and emotional factors. Stress, worries and negative messages – that we receive from media, society, family and friends around us who are conceiving – can have a detrimental effect on the reproductive system. Negative thoughts, tension and stress are perceived in the mind, experienced via emotions, expressed in behaviour, and “held” in the body.

The 3 hour pre-conception workshop will address the nature of stress as well as provide training and practical experiences at the mind, body and behavioural level.

Who should attend?
You may benefit from attending this workshop if you believe that stress may be having a negative impact on your ability to conceive, and would like to learn practical strategies and relaxation tools to support your reproductive health.

Please wear comfortable clothing! Tea & light refreshments will be provided!

For further information please email Alexandra at or call her at 0426 558 562

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