Stress Relief Workshops

Stress is perceived in the mind, experienced via emotions, expressed in behaviour, and “held” in the body. This workshop will address the nature of stress as well as provide training and practical experiences at the mind, body and behavioural level.

Who should attend?

You may benefit from attending this workshop if you believe that stress has a negative impact on your life AND would like to learn stress relief techniques. Some of the practical tools that will be used are energizing exercises, mindfulness, progressive muscle relaxation, and meridian tapping (similar to EFT/TFT).


1.5 hour MindBody stress relief workshop, that addresses the nature of stress as well as providing training and practical experience in relaxation techniques at the mind, body and behavioural level. You will learn simple but effective techniques for stress reduction that you can continue to use in your day-to-day life, allowing for a greater sense of empowerment.

About the facilitators:

Alexandra Bloch-Atefi, (PhD, Psychology):

I am a trained psychotherapist and qualified counsellor practising in Melbourne, Australia. I specialize in stress management, women’s issues and career transitions, offering one-on-one counselling sessions and interactive MindBodyStressRelief Workshops.

Julie Smith:

I am a qualified holistic counsellor and clinical researcher. Currently, I am enhancing my skills by finalising a Diploma in Psychotherapy as well as receiving regular supervision. Through personal experience with high stress situations, body confidence and health issues, I have learned learned first-hand how important a mind-body approach to health and wellness is. I want to share these simple but effective holistic tools with you to help you gain relief from anxiety and stress.


For further information please email Alexandra at

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