Creativity – Part I

becreative_CMBB_Alexandra_Bloch-AtefiSparked on by my current coursera course “Creativity, Innovation, and Change” I felt inspired to write about creativity. I want to start off with debunking a basic myth:


Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Creativity exists along a continuum. That can mean a big radical idea but also everyday problem solving. So while everyone is creative, their ways of being creative differs. This views belong to a new theory of creativity which is called the “Creative Diversity model”. Important scholars, like Michael Kirton, Robert Sternberg, and Teresa Amabile have contributed to it.

While creativity is one of the pillars of happiness and well-being – fact is that people are much less creative when they feel stressed, being judged or under pressure. Other counter-forces to creativity are FEAR, busyness, and needing CERTAINTY. Creativity is about taking risks and experimenting, trying new things and knowing that there can be many solutions to a problem.

To start your own creative journey you might want to ponder the following questions:

  • What is my creative level – my knowledge, skill, and experience?
  • What is my creative style – how do I prefer to approach change?
  • What motivates me to solve problems and bring about change?
  • And which opportunities interest and inspire me most?

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