MEANING and information in the NEW MILLENNIUM

I am very excited to have my mentor Dr Kaalii Cargill, (who has been an inspiration to me throughout my training as a Psychotherapist and continues to do so),  write a guest blog about our profession as Soul Centred Psychotherapists and meaning in life:

“This new millennium comes with ready access to information about every aspect of human life. How will we make use of this information?

Relationship seems to be the magic word or principle that weaves information and experience into a living, breathing responsiveness to ourselves, each other, and the world around us.

My own engagement with information and experience has led me to co-develop a therapeutic modality, publish 5 books, and focus on developing co-creative relationships in my life and work.

The therapeutic modality
Soul Centred Psychotherapy developed from a belief that we have a responsibility to examine the overt and covert assumptions and belief systems by which we live, and to find a way to sustain human life on Earth.

One of the underlying tenets of Soul Centred Psychotherapy is that the single most urgent task of the current time is reconnection with the feminine principle. This is related to values of cooperation, partnership and connectedness with nature, as distinct from patriarchal cultural values of conquest, exploitation and competition.

Western culture has traditionally valued mind and spirit (science and organised religion), and has neglected soul (the embodied experience of being human). Another word for embodied experience is immanence, that which is indwelling or inherent, “pervading the universe”.

New Age philosophies tend to emphasise transcendence: that which transcends human experience and is “not subject to the limitations of the physical universe”.

Soul Centred Psychotherapy holds that the immanence and transcendence are aspects of a single, inter-connected reality in which matter and spirit are not separate. This reality is experienced through immediate, living relationship with self, others and the world, and is inherent in the feminine principle.

The books
Central to my writing is the question “What if . . .?”

I have explored this question in fiction and non-fiction:

  • What if things are not what they seem?
  • What if the beliefs and norms of a culture are based on values that do not support healthy co-creative, living relationship with self, others, and the world?
  • What other stories are there?

In DON’T TAKE IT LYING DOWN: LIFE ACCORDING TO THE GODDESS, I examine the collective beliefs, attitudes and practices that bind women to a world view that denies the life-giving power of the feminine. When we discover what it is to be truly feminine, we reconnect with the experience of God as a woman–the Goddess in all her names. And when we invite the Goddess back into our lives, She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes. The stories and sacred tasks in this book are keys that open doors to ancient mysteries which once guided people their lives. The Goddess waits patiently for us to come to her, and we must each travel our own journey to the deep feminine wisdom that embeds human experience within Nature and the natural rhythms and cycles of life and death, the eternal return, and seasonal changes.

In DAUGHTERS OF TIME, I weave history and myth into a story of three modern women, an ancient lineage, and a prophecy that can save the modern World from environmental catastrophe.

THE ELEMENT SERIES is a fantasy trilogy in which the dispossessed Wardens of the Land fight the Archpriests of the One God for the survival of the Old Ways that sustain life.

Co-creative Relationships
I have been blessed with family, friends, and meaningful, creative work with others. All of these have their challenges and their delights, and I continue to learn about relationship with myself, with others, and with the world.

Co-creative relationship includes qualities of being present in the moment, attending to self and other(s), empathic resonance, sincerity/authenticity, generosity, curiosity, and generative support for creative expression.

To support co-creative relationship, I ask the following questions about beliefs, fixed attitudes, and reactive feeling responses and behaviours (my own and those of others):

  • “Whom/what does it serve?”
  • “What is of value [to me, to other(s), to the world] here?”
  • “What does this mean–to me, to others, to the world?”
  •  “What will this current experience look/ feel/ be like if I can look back over my life in 5/10/20 years?”
  • “What might be possible here?

The only problem with those questions is that the rational, conscious mind CANNOT really answer them! The answers must arise from living relationship with a wider, more inclusive mind, the mind we meet in dreams, in the imagination, in creative expression, and in ongoing interconnectedness with the whole system(s) in which we live. This involves seeing through simplistic cause-effect, dualistic descriptions of the world (mind/body; us/them; nature/spirit etc.) and makes possible living relationship with self, others and the world.”

About the author:

Dr Kaalii Cargill, PhD, is a Psychotherapist, Psychologist, an accredited supervisor with PACFA, Director of the Kairos Centre for Soul Centred Psychotherapy, and an award winning author.


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