Create your FERTILITY vision board

Vision boards are a tool that help you identify and clarify goals that you would like to achieve and keep you on track to manifest them. To make them you select words, images, and colours that reflect your visions and desires for the future.

Use any pictures and words that really jump out and speak to you. You can use magazine clippings and photos but also your own writings and drawings. Get the creative juices flowing and approach your fertility or TTC (trying to conceive) journey in a different fun, enjoyable way. During the process you might also find out a few new things you didn’t know about yourself.

You might want to put your vision board up somewhere in your home so you are reminded of what you want to focus on during this journey. Goals may be to successfully fall pregnant, give birth to a healthy baby, find relaxation and stress relief, maintain/ or improve your well-being, strengthen the relationship with your partner/spouse etc.

To create your own fertility vision board in a supportive environment with like-minded women, join our upcoming preconception workshop:

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