STRESS & physical exercise

Image courtesy of "foto76"

Image courtesy of “foto76”

Different forms of stress (sudden losses or everyday stressors) can have a detrimental effect on your health especially if they are not processed but stay in your system. Meaning your body is on an alert position causing adrenaline and cortisol to be released into your blood stream. Overtime this causes your sympathetic nervous system to be in a perpetual state of “fight or flight” which can result in a adrenal burnout. Consequently your immune system becomes impaired, you might have trouble sleeping, experience weight gain, mood swings and hormonal imbalances.

The most basic building blocks of effective stress management are addressing your body’s basic needs for sleep, exercise and nutrition (e.g. balanced diet, no processed foods, staying hydrated, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin B).

Almost any form of exercise, from aerobics to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. Physical exercise helps to release built up tension, increases production of endorphins as well as reduces hormones that serve as messengers of stress. It also induces a “meditative state”, leaving the day’s stresses behind by solely focussing on the movement you are engaged in. Exercise can also improve your sleep, which is often disrupted by stress. Additionally, movement increases breathing and heart rate so that more blood flows to the brain, enhancing energy production and detoxification.

A particular good exercise for stress relief is walking. Anyone can do it and its easy to adapt it to your schedule. Apart from the obvious (oxygenation, strengthening your immune system, increasing core strength, improving back pain etc) it also helps to reduce emotional built up through engaging left and and right brain processing.

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2 Responses to STRESS & physical exercise

  1. Regular exercise can help you feel like you are removing the stress from your body. It is like the stress comes out with the sweat.

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