Stress is perceived in the mind, experienced via emotions, expressed in behaviour, and “held” in the body.

Every situation you encounter during your life is embedded in your nervous system. Your body remembers although your mind may forget. Stressful or traumatic events can affect your personal energy and emotions.

By taking the mind body connection into account attention is given to how simple exercises like mindfulness, abdominal breathing, tapping or movement can help to calm the nervous system and quieten the mind.

A holistic approach to stress management will help you to move away from reacting to symptoms and to unblock emotional dis-ease at a deeper level.


About Mensch - Connecting Mind Body Breath

I am committed to provide empowering information, to help you cope with painful emotions and support you towards personal growth and development. I combine my PhD in Psychology with 15 years of practical experience in counselling across clinical, corporate and community settings. Contact me on 0426 558 562 for a FREE 10-minute phone consultation to talk about your needs or write me a quick email at alexandra@cmbb.com.au
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